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Nimble Crane has evolved as one of the leading providers of mobile crane service in central and western Texas and the surrounding areas. The company's growth was fueled over the past decade by the need for crane service to support their construction operations at Northtimber Associates.  Expansion into the Permian Basin area was a natural fit for the company. With well-trained fully licensed operators and clean up-to-date equipment, Nimble Crane is ready to provide timely, reliable, safe operations for all customer needs.

Edges We Have Over Competitors


Nimble Crane provides lifting service for all industries including:  oil field, renewable engergy, commercial construction and highway construction.  Our team is ready to safely tackle all projects regardless of size.


Our staff of over 35 skilled professionals have over 100 years of combined exerience in the crane industry.  Having the proper equipment is necessary, but we realize the necessity of having fully trained and skilled professionals onsite.


Unlike some of our  competitors, we always try to make our services attainable for our customers. Nimble Crane is a uniquely structured company allowing us to provide competive rates on all jobs, regardless of size, whether it be a multi-year project or a small 3-4 hour job.

Apply for a Job with Us!

We go to great lengths to accomatodate our customers' equipment needs,  but realize it's the person behind the machine that gets the job done correctly in a safe manner.  We're constantly looking for trained, experienced and responsible operators.  We are an equal opportunity employer and look forward to reviewing all applicants.

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